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May 23 2018

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Wow! Content!

I’ve been really loving Gill and Gilbert and my buddy Miggs commissioned me to draw them (even tho I was going to anyway. true friendship)!

Check! Out! These! Boys! Hopefully they will Gill in my name this week! 

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i fucking hate my life so much i accidentaly googled yop, saw this image, and immediately thought to myself “someday im going to come home and this thing will be fucking my wife”


posts i made 5 years ago? Bad. posts I made 1 year ago? Also bad. Posts I made 5 months ago? Do you not see the pattern? Ignore all past versions of me. Appreciate me now. Please don’t go into my blog archive to see my Sherlock posts

May 22 2018


all cats are good but i especially enjoy black cats who just look like vaguely cat-shaped blobs of darkness


1900 as a whole century is so wild to me like it started off without people having sliced bread and it ended with seinfeld on TV 

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hi yukio! 🌸


i think my longest window of perfect mental clarity was during the month in 2012 when i ate almost nothing but caprese sandwiches

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Leiji Matsumoto 松本零士



i should just go on dollskill and find outfits to draw

oh good

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She did not have to go that hard.


Are you enjoying your basghetti?

I did not know you enjoyed eating WORMS…

May 21 2018

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If I could rise up and applaud I would. THIS! fucking THIS.

You know what bullied people do? they take it out on themselves. They go home and hang themselves, they don’t pick up a gun and think “i’ll show them!”, that’s anger, entitlement, resentment. That’s not bullying doing it, that’s being a fucking asshole.

the last shooting? He killed that girl because she fucking dumped him. How, just HOW is that not fucking entitlement right there?

“White men from prosperous families grow up with the expectation that our voices will be heard. We expect politicians and professors to listen to us and respond to our concerns. We expect public solutions to our problems. And when we’re hurting, the discrepancy between what we’ve been led to believe is our birthright and what we feel we’re receiving in terms of attention can be bewildering and infuriating. Every killer makes his pain another’s problem. But only those who’ve marinated in privilege can conclude that their private pain is the entire world’s problem with which to deal. This is why, while men of all races and classes murder their intimate partners, it is privileged young white dudes who are by far the likeliest to shoot up schools and movie theaters.” 

Why Most Mass Murderers Are Privileged White Men



i go absolutely ape shit buck wild when people ask me if i want to run errands with them like Let’s Fucking Go. and my mind absolutely maxes out of dopamine when they ask if i wanna stop for coffee. and if someone took me to the park id go bonkers in funcking yonkers

i got so high last night that i started ghostwriting for a golden retriever apparently


wade: ☺️💓💗🤩💛💘💝💗💖💕💘💜💛💙💜💕💞💕💕💖hi yukio!!!!!!!!!!☺️💓💗🤩💛💘💝💗💖💕💘💜💛💙💜💕💞💕💕💖

yukio: ☺️💓💗🤩💛💘💝💗💖💕💘💜💛💙💜💕💞💕💕💖 hi wade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺️💓💗🤩💛💘💝💗💖💕💘💜💛💙💜💕💞💕💕💖

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these are essentially the same character


equally fuckable

whoops! looks like you will not be spared


*walking down main street sweeping my scythe back and forth in front of me* watch out bitch! watch out bitch! 

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This is obviously fake, pinecone are not hard to swallow

Most people think that pinecones are hard to swallow, but it’s actually because they’ve only ever tried swallowing them using their throat.

Hey, quick question. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN

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